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Why Cupping?

We refer to cupping as a reverse deep tissue/massage with lymphatic drainage effects! We use a suction device to expand the tissue and create space for circulation and blood flow. It creates a controlled inflammatory response to specific areas that need special attention. Cupping can help with everything from muscle tension to cold/flu, migraines, twisted ankle etc. Basically anything related to the circulatory system, musculoskeletal system and immune system!

• Cupping is most commonly sought after for muscle aches/pains, headaches and migraines. 

• Very helpful for athletes, those involved in sports and physically active individuals as it aids in performance AND recovery.

• Great for office workers, those sitting, typing, or engaging in repetitive movements.

• We highly recommend seeking cupping therapy at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms for best results.

• Cupping has lymphatic drainage effects.

• Nearly anywhere on the body can be cupped.

• Safe for pregnancy! (we simply avoid contraindicated points)

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Cupping Price List

New Client (30-60 mins) / $70

Returning Client (30 mins)/ $50

Packages (30 mins)

5 treatments $200 ($40/treatment)

10 treatments $350 ($35/ treatment)